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From 2017 we need all schools to book in before their visit to the event to ensure we are able to accommodate all the coaches and minibuses in the parking area.

If you book in advance then you will be permitted to attend the match for free, this includes 1 member of staff per eight students attending.

We provide a Schools Tent for your visit so that you have cover when eating lunch and somewhere to meet. 

There are no formal tours of the site. We recommend that you check the itinerary for the event the week before hand so that you know what is happening on the day because some events and activities just take place once. It is worth noting that the weather may affect what happens on the day.

By attending the match with a school group you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for the event and this includes being aware of all the possible risks of attending. The risks range from animals being on site, uneven terrain, moving vehicles and more and so please ensure your staff and students are briefed beforehand.

We have a dedicated First Aid provision at the Match and lost children should report to the Secretary's tent in the centre of the site.

If you have any further questions before the Match please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07802974838

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