2013 Results

East Kent Ploughing Match Association      
Cup List 1st    
Best 12 Heads of Cauliflower T.E and S.W Bradley    
Best 10kg of Potatoes W. L. Laslett    
Open Veg Section D. Hall    
Best Sample of Malting Barley J.E. Batchelor and Partners    
Best Sample of Feed Barley J.G. And D.G. White    
Best Sample of Milling Wheat Denne Hill Famrs    
Best Sample of Feed Wheat J.E. Batchelor and Partners    
Highest Protein Wheat J.E. Batchelor and Partners    
Best Sample of Oil Seed Rape W.Kerr and Sons    
Most Points in the Grain Tent J.E. Batchelor and Partners    
Best Field of Combining Peas H.W. Twyman    
Best Field of Oil Seed Rape P. Overy    
Champion Ploughman I. Lawrence    
Reserve Champion Ploughman S. Batchelor    
2nd Reserve Champion D. Peacock    
Champion Vintage Ploughman M. Hobbs    
Best work with classic plough and tractor F. Harvey    
Best work with a Ford Tractor G. Dean    
Best Turned out vintage/classic A. Ovenden    
Winner of Trailer Ploughs/Vintage G. Newport    
First Prize winner 4 furrows rev plough S. Batchelor    
First Prize Winner 5 furrows rev plough A. Plommer    
First Prize Winner 6 furrows rev plough I. Lawrence    
Best work by ex student of Hadlow College P. Gent    
South East Farmers Cup Best Stand on the Showground Beaute Farm    
Sir William Wayland Cup Most Points in Show J.E. Batchelor and Partners    
Class Description 1st 2nd 3rd
Tractor Ploughs - Mounted      
3 & 4 Furrow S. Batchelor P.Gent P. Bolton
5 Furrows C. Marsh R. Bean A. Ellis
5 Furrows A. Plommer K. Leppard R. Jordan
5 Furrows I. Lawrence A. Watson W. Collard
6 Furrows D. Peacock P. Chambers A. Mew
Vintage Tractor and Ploughs      
Trailing 2-3 Furrows G. Newport J. Stevens S. Cock
Mounted 2 Furrows N. Tanton I. Hogbin P. Spain
Mounted 2 Furrows P. Burt S. Day C. Cullen
Mounted 2 Furrows M. Hobbs T. Vowel N. Cannon
Mounted 3 Furrows F. Harvey A. Pilcher D. Adams
Classic Tractor & 2-3 Furrows M. Hopkins A. Dean L. Hopkins
Horse Ploughs - Best Turnout P. Hayler    
Horse Ploughs - Best working Pair R. Macey    
Horse Ploughs - Best ploughing P. Hayler R. Macey R. Dawkins
Cauliflowers T.E and S.W Bradley R.G. Ovenden  
Brussel Sprouts No entries No entries  
Brussel Sprouts 6 Stalks No entries No entries  
Whites W. L. Laslett J.E.Batchelor and Partners  
Reds W. L. Laslett J.E.Batchelor and Partners  
Partly Coloured J.E. Batchelor and Partners W.L. Laslett  
Dessert Apples Ware Farms H.W.Twyman  
Cooking apples H.W. Twyman R.G. Ovenden  
Dessert Pears E.H. Holdstock E.H. Holdstock  
Open Section      
Allotment D. Hall    
White Potatoes No entries    
Coloured Potatoes No entries    
Onions D. Hall    
Carrots D. Hall    
Runner beans No entries    
Plate of Shallots No entries    
Leeks No entries    
Grain & Seed      
Winter Barley J.C. Plommer Denne Hill Farms  
Spring Barley J. E. Batchelor and Partners A and M Lyon  
Feeding Barley J.D and G.D White Chandler and Dunn  
Milling Wheat Denne Hill Farms Denne Hill Farms  
Feed Wheat J.E. Batchelor and Partners Hickson Brothers  
Wheat with Highest Protein J. E. Batchelor and Partners W. Kerr and Sons  
Winter Oats No entries No entries  
Spring Oats J. E. Batchelor and Partners J.D and G.D White  
Beans P. Francesconi and Son No entries  
Perennial Ryegrass No entries No entries  
Wild White Clover No entries No entries  
Linseed Denne Hill Farms Chandler and Dunn  
Winter Oil Seed Rape W.Kerr and Sons J.D and G.D White  
Peas Gosmere Farm J.E.Batchelor and Partners  
Conv' Bale of Meadow Hay J.D and G.D White P.J Akehurst and Sons  
Conv' Bale of Seed Hay No entries No entries  
Big Bale of Seed Hay J.D and G.D White A and M Lyon  
Field  Combining Peas H.W. Twyman Gosmere Farms E.H. Holdstock
Winter Beans No entries No entries  
Spring Beans Beaute Farm Solley's Farms Icecream P. Overy
Winter Wheat Denne Hill Farms Little Mongeham Ltd  
Winter Oil Seed Rape P. Overy Solley's Farms Icecream Little Mongeham Ltd
Long Service Awards      
Mr Alan John Jull 40 years

Service at Hickson's Brothers

  • P1050991m
  • P1050994m
  • P1060007m
  • P1060011m
  • P1060014m
  • P1060017m
  • P1060024m
  • P1060027m
  • P1060041m
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 085a
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 088
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 090a
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 092a
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 095
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 096
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 106
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 110
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 113
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 116
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 118
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 120
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