1. The Association is established for the encouragement of those employed in agriculture and for awarding prizes for skill in agricultural pursuits.
2. The Association shall consist of members from whom a President, Vice-Presidents and Committee of Management shall be elected.
3. Any Person wishing to join the Association must be proposed, seconded and elected at a General or Committee Meeting and complete the appropriate application form as issued by a committee member.
4. The Annual Subscription for Members shall not be less than £15.00, due on the closing date of entries in each year.
5. Any Member whose subscription is two years in Arrears shall cease to be a Member until he has been re-elected.
6. All Members shall be entitled to make entries of themselves and their employees.
7. Non-Members may make entries on payment of not less than £15.00 at the committee’s discretion.
8. The Committee have power to add or withdraw prizes in each class according to the number of competitors and the merit displayed. The Judges will have power to withhold prizes where they consider the exhibits of insufficient merit or insufficient number.
9. Protests. Any Exhibitor lodging an objection must do so in writing before 15.00 hours on the day of the Match, and deposit 50p with the Secretary, which shall be forfeited to the Association if the Committee consider the objection frivolous. All objections to be decided by the Committee which shall be convened for that purpose and whose decision shall be final.
10. No liability of any kind is accepted by the Committee or by the Association.
11. In the event of the dissolution of the Association the surplus funds, after meeting any expenses connected with such dissolution at such date, shall be transferred to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.
12. FINAL DECISION. Any question arising and not provided for in these rules shall be decided by the Committee of Management whose decision shall be final and binding.


1. No one will be entitled to any awards who is not strictly engaged in agriculture full time.

2. Only one entry in each Class will count for the Cups.

3. The Committee to appoint Stewards.

4. The Plough and Tractor to be set and used regularly by the Competitor in general farm work, in the boundary of Kent, except for the Vintage Section and Horse Ploughs.

5. Subject to sufficient space being available, members may also enter match-ploughs in a match plough class. Competitors in this class will not be eligible for the East Kent Ploughing Match Championship and will therefore gain no eligibility for the Kent or National Competitions from taking part in this match.

6. Competitors 21 and under can compete even if not in full time agriculture, but they may not compete in the Championship Plough Off.


1. Communication with Competitors after starting will render them liable to disqualification.

2. Ploughmen to be in the field by 09.00 hours, to draw their Ploughing Tickets.

3. Ploughing to commence at 10.00.

4. The first-prize winner in each Class will be required to plough in the Champion Class during the afternoon.

5. Ploughing to be 1 1⁄4 hours in the morning and 3⁄4 hours in the afternoon.

6. Furrows to be not less than 10˝ wide and not less than 6˝ deep.

7. All ground to be moved and a single furrow is to be used for opening.

8. Points will be deducted if competitors are over time, one point per minute.

9. The number of furrows used for the split is at the ploughman’s discretion.

10. Rolling of the split is not accepted.

11. The use of GPS equipment is not permitted.

The following are the Maximum Points for:

Ploughing Sections 1, 2, 3



Uniformity and Straightness


Packing and Covering Material


Ends and All Ground Ploughed


Closing Up and Finishing






In both trailing and mounted plough classes, all models of tractor must have been in production before 31st December 1959.


(a) Trailing plough class – any trailing plough is eligible.

(b) Mounted plough class – any mounted plough in production before 31st December


(c) Plough bodies to be designed for plough at time of manufacture.

(d) Skimmers and one piece tailpieces are optional – no other attachments allowed.

(e) Plough bodies can be raised or lowered but cannot be dipped up out of the ‘ploughing’ position.

(f) All plough bodies to be used when ploughing the finish.

(g) Extraneous attachments that manipulate the furrows or scratches are not allowed.


(a) 20 minutes for opening. Penalty for failure to finish opening on time – 2 points per minute or part minute.

(b) 40 minutes for openings to be judged.

(c) to complete the plot by 12.30 pm. Penalty for failure to finish the plot at finishing signal – 10 points per minute or part minute.

(d) 15 minutes for any cast-off made after commencement of ploughing.


(a) Double opening split – no land left unturned.

(b) On grassland there is no opening.


(a) The start shall consist of 11 or 12 furrows.

(b) Competitors must cast towards the next highest numbered plot.


(a) The finish shall consist of the last 8 furrows.

(b) The last furrow to be cast towards competitors own start.


Depth to be reached on competition of ‘start’ and adhered to until commencing the

‘finish’. Minimum depth 15cm.


(a) The first and second runs next to the neighbours plot will be allowed as straightening furrows and will not be judged if the neighbours ploughing is crooked, below the normal standard or not parallel.

(b) Rolling of furrows or scratches is not allowed.

(c) Twin tractor wheels not allowed.

(d) Three siting poles only (one can be placed on the headland) – assistance to set and remove is allowed (one can be placed on the headland). No other assistance allowed including no assistance by signal, radio contact, mobile phone or any other method.

(e) Handling, shaping or treading of scratches or furrows is not allowed.

(f) Only one tractor and plough wheel mark allowed at the finish.

(g) Only the competitor allowed to clean the plot of straw, stones, etc.

(h) Competitors must produce evidence of age of tractor if requested.

(i) The use of Global Positioning Technology, laser beams or any other electronic or computerised measuring devises are not allowed.

(j) Any abuse or dispute by a competitor with an official or fellow competitor is not acceptable. Penalty – 20 points.


(a) Passengers not allowed on tractors or ploughs at any time.

(b) Society of Ploughmen Safety Policy to be adhered to at all times.


Any question arising and not provided in these rules shall be decided by the Executive  Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.

11. Competitors must be member of Kent Ploughing Match Association to be eligible to go forward to the Kent Ploughing Championships.


Opening (well cut, uniform and straight) 20

Start (11 or 12 furrows, uniform, level and straightness) 20

Seed Bed (weed control and soil made available) 20

Firmness (firm, well packed furrows, no holes) 20

Uniformity (clearly defined uniform furrows, straightness and no pairing of furrows) 20

Finish (uniform, shallow and straightness) 20

Ins and Outs (neat, accurate and regular) 20

General Appearance (workmanship and general appearance of the whole plot) 20


Two tractor wheel marks

20 points penalty

Finish wrong way

20 points penalty

Depth infringement

20 points per cm


20 points penalty

Failure to finish opening in time

2 points per min or par min over

Failure to finish plot by finishing signal

10 points per min or part min over

Abuse of officials or fellow competitors

20 points penalty

Failure to adhere to Safety Policy


Any other penalty deduction will be decided by the Executive Committee


1. Discs/skimmers/tailpieces can be of different make.

2. Weights can be used on tractors or ploughs.

3. Adjustable stays on plough mouldboards are allowed.

4. Quick entry or slotted top links are allowed.

5. Extended wheel axles are allowed.

6. Screw adjustments on cross shafts are allowed.

7. Modified plough shares are allowed.

8. Only approved manufacturers diesel engine conversions allowed.

9. Hydraulic top links and other hydraulic rams are not allowed.

10. Stubble chains are not allowed.

11. Two-piece adjustable tailpieces are not allowed.

12. Draw-bars with hydraulic movement not allowed.

13. Four wheel drive conversions not allowed.

14. A list of eligible tractors is available from the Society of Ploughmen on request.

  • P1050991m
  • P1050994m
  • P1060007m
  • P1060011m
  • P1060014m
  • P1060017m
  • P1060024m
  • P1060027m
  • P1060041m
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 085a
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 088
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 090a
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 092a
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 095
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 096
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 106
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 110
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 113
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 116
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 118
  • Ploughing match 26-9-12 120
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  • ekpm_72E1397
  • ekpm_72E1480
  • ekpm_72E1483
  • ekpm_72E1493
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