So far as is reasonably practicable, the East Kent Ploughing Match Association will do everything possible to ensure the safety  of  the general public, competitors, exhibitors and members at the Ploughing Match, and during its’ preparation and dismantling.

The committee of the association has appointed Safety Officers.The Safety Officers have the committee’s full authority to maintain Health and Safety, and all competitors, exhibitors and members will comply with the Safety Officers directions and decisions on these matters.

Notwithstanding any specific rule hereafter, safety is the responsibility of all involved in the Ploughing Match in any way. Anyone noticing anything which might be detrimental to Health and safety must take immediate action to allay the situation, and report it to the Safety Officers or the Chairman or Secretary

Safety officer NUMBER TBC

Chairman 07860 788053

Secretary  07802 974838

Rules and Standards for Health and safety

Any plant machinery or equipment used prior to, during or after the Ploughing Match must only be operated by an adult fully trained in its’ safe use.

No vehicle will be permitted on the showground unless authorised by a member of the committee. In any area where members of the public are present particular care should be taken, especially when reversing.

Any equipment supplied or lent for use by the organisers must comply fully with current legislation and standards relevant to its use, and be properly maintained, particularly with regard to guards, brakes, steering, tyres, horn and hydraulic pipes and connections. No equipment should be used unless it is considered safe, maintained and compliant with legislation.

Plant or machinery must only be operated or demonstrated after ensuring that adequate precautions are taken to protect the operator and bystanders. If any person encroaches into a danger area, operation should cease immediately. Unsafe operation will not be allowed, and may lead to eviction from the site and possible legal action by the enforcing authority. 

Static exhibits must be erected in a way that ensures that they present no risk to anyone during the event, or during erecting or dismantling. In particular any plant or machinery relying on oil pressure in a ram or similar device to support it, must be physically propped to prevent collapse, and irrespective of the type of safety device fitted to the hydraulic system.

Ropes chains strops etc., used to tow trailers or vehicles on or off the site or car parks, should have been thoroughly inspected, be of adequate strength, and constructed for the purpose. They should be hitched below the axle of the towing tractor, which must be fitted with an approved safety cab.

Machinery or vehicles left unattended must be immobilised to prevent interference by children.

Animals, including livestock on display, are the responsibility of their owners and must be kept under strict control at all times.

The committee warns the public to stand well back from horses, horse and ploughs, tractor ploughs and ALL WORKING MACHINERY. Swinging ploughs are hazardous, and animals do have minds of their own – please mind your children. The committee cannot accept responsibility for any injuries that might be caused.

All vehicle movements on the showground during the show should be kept to a minimum to maintain public safety, access and enjoyment of the show. All stand holders’ and exhibitors’ vehicles, and other delivery vehicles must be removed from all access and alley ways on the showground by 9.00 on the morning of the show. Any vehicle left in an inappropriate or unsafe place will, at the discretion of the safety officers, be removed.






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