Welcome to the East Kent Ploughing Match Association

Established for over 70 years in East Kent this popular annual event attracts between 3,000 and 4,500 people each year from the agricultural community as well as all walks of life. With over 75 trade stands, the ploughing competitions and a thriving craft tent it is a vibrant agricultural day with loyal supporters.

Enthusiasts will be guaranteed a day to remember, with the matches featuring everything from the latest tractors and ploughs to vintage and horse drawn varieties. Poultry classes, vegetable competitions, craft tents, a welly throwing competition, the chance to try archery, a falcony display and a host of other entertainments ensures that the event has something for everyone. 

The event takes place in a different location each year, so for more information, dates and directions, please see our guide to this year's event by clicking here.

If you are considering entering, take a look at the conditions of entry to make sure you qualify, and contact us before the entry closure date.

Privacy Policy:


EKPMA privacy policy

Data held by EKPMA consists solely of name, address, phone no and email addresses. These are for members, and for companies who take trade stands or advertisements.

All such data is held securely, and is only accessed by the secretary and treasurer of the association for EKPMA business. A backup copy of this data is also held securely. If any data is held "in the cloud", it is in a suitably encrypted location.

Data will never be sold or otherwise transferred to any third party. The only exception to this being the supply of mailing list to trusted company for purpose of mailing EKPMA literature. Such third party to give assurance they will not store, or use address data for any other purpose.

Data will be removed from database after 3 years if not used. (i.e member resigned/deceased; company no longer taking trade stand/advertisement)


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